Ceiling Insulation Cape Town by Aerolite

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Aerolite roof insulation is South Africa’s number one choice which comes with a 30 year guarantee. Aerolite does not contain any harmfull substances and has a fire rating of Class 1.

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ceiling insulation Cape Town

  • Aerolite is non-combustible
  • Aerolite has a Class 1 Fire Index Rating from the SABS (SABS 0177 Part III)
  • Aerolite has been SABS tested and Approved (SABS 1381 Part 1)
  • Aerolite carries NO health hazard
  • Aerolite does NOT contain asbestos
  • Aerolite is manufactured according to state of the art technology
  • Which has significantly reduced the itch making the product more user friendly
  • Rolls are compression packed which enables the rolls to fit through a standard size trap door

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation Cape Town

Getting ceiling insulation done when you live in Cape Town can save you on your electricity bill. Saving energy today is on everyones mind, not not only for billing reasons, but it has a profound effect on global warming. By reducing your electricity usage you are actively participating in fighting global warming.

You will be surprised at how much heat your home loses through the ceiling during cold winter nights. To compensate for the loss of heat through the roof you turn on more heating appliances. This is where your home drains out money.

By installing ceiling insulation you are able to reduce the heat or coolness escaping through the ceiling while using less energy for cooling or heating.

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