Ceiling Insulation From Aerolite

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Aerolite ceiling insulation is South Africa’s number one choice. Aerolite does not contain any harmfull substances and has a fire rating of Class 1.

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  • Aerolite is non-combustible
  • Aerolite has a Class 1 Fire Index Rating from the SABS (SABS 0177 Part III)
  • Aerolite has been SABS tested and Approved (SABS 1381 Part 1)
  • Aerolite carries NO health hazard
  • Aerolite does NOT contain asbestos
  • Aerolite is manufactured according to state of the art technology
  • Which has significantly reduced the itch making the product more user friendly
  • Rolls are compression packed which enables the rolls to fit through a standard size trap door

Roof Insulation


Your first choice of ceiling insulation Aerolite Think Pink. One of our biggest problems today is keeping heat in our homes in winter and cool temperatures in summer. Cooling and heating a home can be very expensive but with the right roof insulation you could save as much as 30% on your energy bill.

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Ceiling insulation

Design methods when doing ceiling insulation

Another essential factor when it involves effectively shielding your home or office, is design technique. If ceiling insulation is installed in an area that does not have any sort of shading or drapes thick enough to block out early morning and mid-day sunlight, you might acquire a reverse impact, heat that can be found in with the doors or home windows could get trapped under the insulation as well as produce an oven result.

Wetness problems like condensation can be eliminate by setting up reflective ceiling insulation and can help assist with climate proofing your office or home. Aerolite ceiling insulation likewise have excellent sound absorption residential properties and also is good for soundproofing an area or workplace. It is most effectively to get ceiling insulation mounted during building, the new structure regulations specify all new houses have to be protected and also obtain a curtain R-value in order to be certified.

Roofs, floors as well as ceilings have a tiny thermal resistance on their own but not enough to be certified with the sans 10400-xa structure legislations

Various climatic areas need various R-values needed to be obtained in order to be compliant with sans 10400-xa structure laws.

Choosing ceiling insulation

When picking the ideal ceiling insulation, there are 2 main groups to pick from– bulk or reflective insulation To get also a higher shielding affect, reflective as well as bulk insulations are frequently integrated. Instances of combined insulation would certainly be factorylite which is aerolite integrated with a reflective insulation or isofoil which is isotherm combined with a reflective insulation The R-value of the item establishes the items capacity to resist heat circulation. The greater the R-value, the much better insulating impact you will get out of the item.

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