Roof Insulation Cape Town by Aerolite

Get your roof insulation done by Aerolite professionals in Cape Town today and turn your home in a much more comfortable living space for the whole family

Aerolite roof insulation is South Africa’s number one choice which comes with a 30 year guarantee. Aerolite does not contain any harmfull substances and has a fire rating of Class 1.

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Roof Insulation Cape Town

  • Aerolite is non-combustible
  • Aerolite has a Class 1 Fire Index Rating from the SABS (SABS 0177 Part III)
  • Aerolite has been SABS tested and Approved (SABS 1381 Part 1)
  • Aerolite carries NO health hazard
  • Aerolite does NOT contain asbestos
  • Aerolite is manufactured according to state of the art technology
  • Which has significantly reduced the itch making the product more user friendly
  • Rolls are compression packed which enables the rolls to fit through a standard size trap door

Ceiling Insulation Cape Town

Four seasons in one day is not uncommon for Cape Town but it still remains one of the top destinations for all of us. Cape town just has “something”.

If you stay in Cape Town roof insulation can at least keep your house at a comfortable temprature without breaking the bank with electricily bills. When your roof is properly insulated it will prevent the heat from escaping when it is cold and keep the heat out during summer, or those very hot days.

Gaps in Roof covering Insulation

When setting up any sort of kind of roof covering insulation, you require to prevent leaving any sort of spaces. Roofing insulation needs to fit well between the beams and also no spaces should be left about ductworks and also pipes. When setting up roof covering insulation, there are minimal clearances that require to be left about things like transformers as well as down lights because getting too hot could cause a problem in your roofing.

Wall surface insulation has to match comfortably around door and window structures and in actually cold areas you ought to have thermal breaks around steel structures to reduce heat loss. Internal walls in a house or a lot more usually made use of in offices need ought to be protected appropriately, this will also soundproof the area and also provide much less echo.

Do Not Compress Roof Insulation

Enough room is needed for the roof insulation to preserve its density. Vapour obstacles such as sisalation or spunsulation need to be utilized to keep dampness away from bulk roof covering insulation, or you can acquire a reduce in the products insulating performance. Usage reflective roof insulation vapour obstacles where condensation may occur.

Loose fill roof insulation should not be made use of in a roof covering with a 25 degree pitch or additional. Roll kind roof covering insulation is the ideal route to take when protecting your residence or workplace, due to the fact that the material set up can keep its density continuous and also not lower R-values in curtain rooms, no matter of ski slopes and sturdy winds that could blow loose insulation around your roof.

Bulk insulation as well as reflective insulation are the 2 types of insulations presently on the market. The Leading bulk insulations are think pink aerolite which is a glasswool item and isotherm ceiling insulation which is a polyester material as well as think green insulation which is likewise a polyester. Bulk insulation comes with an R-value which varies according to which density of insulation you require.

Radiant warmth circulation is withstood by insulations with reflective homes, this is achieved since the insulation is very reflective as well as its ability to re-radiate warmth. Roll form roofing system insulation is the best course to take when insulating your house or workplace, due to the fact that the product installed could keep its density steady and not decrease R-values in curtain areas, regardless of inclines and strong winds that could blow loosened insulation around your roof covering.

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